Procure Impact's booth at the 2024 Sage Leadership Festival.

Hospitality, at its core, is about taking care of others. Each of you knows that at Sage, we wake up every day and choose to make an impact for those around us. Even in 1984, we knew that giving back and living our values would be a focal point for our organization, not because we thought it would win us business, but simply because it was the right thing to do. Now, decades later, we remain committed to leading with purpose and making business decisions that help us fulfill our purpose of Enriching Lives, One Experience at a Time.

In the spirit of our purpose, we are proud to be a founding partner of the Dignity of Work Pledge, a collaboration launched last month between the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and Procure Impact—a B2B marketplace that enables companies to source responsibly and achieve social impact goals by employing individuals facing barriers to work 

The pledge aims to create 100,000 hours of paid employment for overlooked populations by encouraging hospitality companies to increase their purchases from vendors on Procure Impact's B2B marketplace. Each vendor on the platform employs individuals facing barriers to work, including survivors of trafficking, veterans, at-risk youth, refugees, individuals with disabilities, and those who have experienced poverty, incarceration, homelessness, mental health issues, trauma, or substance use disorders.

As part of our commitment to the Dignity of Work pledge—which is an integral part of our ongoing Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts—Sage has pledged to create at least 7,500 hours of work through our portfolio’s utilization of the Procure Impact platform to purchase items that can be used throughout our properties. Check out the video above for an informative interview with Procure Impact’s founder, Lauren. You’ll learn more about Procure Impact and the Dignity of Work pledge. Thank you all for everything you do to enrich lives, and we look forward to sharing more updates on how we’re supporting Procure Impact in pursuit of our goal.

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