Group of managers from the Ritz-Carlton Chicago on an outing.

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Awards & Recognition

At Sage Hospitality, we work each day to enrich the lives of others, one experience at a time. Our people-first culture is built on the principle that when we align our people strategy with the needs of our associates, extraordinary things happen.

We believe that diversity is not just a box to be checked, but a value to be lived. To build strong, meaningful connections with our associates, we know that Sage needs to be made up of many different voices, perspectives, and experiences. That's why we are proud to share that Sage Hospitality Group has been recognized by Newsweek with three incredible awards that celebrate not only our commitment to our associates, but also our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in our company:

All three of these awards – which were given based on an in-depth study of publicly available data and online surveys – are a testament to the power of collaboration, understanding, and the belief that diversity is our strength. We are creating a workplace where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected, and we love to see that effort being recognized.

While we know there is always work to be done, we didn’t get here by accident. Here are just a few examples of what we've done to build towards an inclusive workplace:

  • We have implemented unconscious bias training to help associates recognize and overcome their own biases.
  • We have scholarship and learning development programs to help employees advance in their careers, with one scholarship specifically dedicated to supporting associates from diverse backgrounds.
  • We have implemented flexible work policies where business levels allow to help employees balance work and personal responsibilities, leading to better work/life balance.
  • We have provided mental health resources to help employees prioritize their wellbeing.

We are incredibly proud of the recognition we have received from Newsweek, and we will continue to celebrate our differences and build a workplace that not only acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual but also thrives on it. Together, we're not just making headlines; we're shaping a workplace culture where everyone truly belongs. We will continue to listen to our employees, to learn from them, and to create a workplace that is truly great for everyone.