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Recently, our President of Hotels & Restaurants received a heartfelt message from a guest of Hotel Clio, praising the team for her experience. This guest story is the embodiment of what it means to Enrich Lives, One Experience at a Time. Carson Lethen, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hotel Clio, went above and beyond for this guest, and truly created an experience that guest will never forget. We couldn't agree more... The world needs more Carsons. 

Hello Daniel,

I felt that it was important to share our experience involving one of your exemplary team members at the Hotel Clio in Denver named Carson Lethen. We frequently make trips to the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver (4 hrs away from us) for doctor’s visits for one of my twin girls.

Upon our entry in your lobby, my daughter and Carson met and immediately became fast friends. Carson was sweet and kind, asking about being a big sister and our drive in. Upon walking into our room, I realized the pack n play I had previously requested wasn’t in the room; the fridge seemed to be not working properly; and I had laundry needs.

I went back down to the lobby to see if Carson was still there (he had mentioned being a father to 3 small children, so I figured the dad in him would relate to my requests including that a working fridge would be essential). I then asked if the hotel had overnight laundering services, that I had a bag of her very dirty clothes from our drive. Carson asked what time I’d need the clothes returned, he acknowledged my requests and simply said he’d take care of everything.

When we returned to our hotel room, an hour or two later, her pack n play not only had been brought up to the room, but had been completely set up, and her bed made. We had been given a new fridge; and her formula had been transferred (& placed on ice) in the new fridge.  Additionally, Carson left a hand written note: "Welcome back!
I moved the bottles to the new fridge. As for the clothes, well, my washer/dryer at home have seen much worse. See you in the AM, Carson."


Early the next morning, we received a text that our laundered items were at our hotel room door. Carson had also delivered a gift bag, with her freshly cleaned travel clothes, and a brand new white dress and a note for my daughter: "Hope your appointment goes well today! Thank you for staying with us at Hotel Clio! It may be too small, if not, we hope you can wear it to your appointment. All the best, Carson."

Without going on and on (& on), my daughter’s medical condition has placed a great deal of stress on our family. I wish we had stayed at the Hotel Clio sooner. Carson has single-handedly made the Hotel Clio feel like a home away from home to us. He left Halloween goodie bags for my older girls at our last stay. He delivered a snuggly bunny lovey for her to cuddle with, wishing her well for her last doctor’s visit. His personal, thoughtful hand written notes and his genuine kindness are unmatched. In all of the hotels we have ever stayed at, our family has never been treated better. His gestures have been meaningful beyond measure and have added a silver lining to what has been a very difficult family chapter. 

I want to make sure you’re aware of what an exceptional team member you have in Carson, he adds incredible value to your Hotel Clio and deserves to be recognized for his humble acts of kindness.

The world needs more Carson’s.

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